The rich values of Latvia are a part of global cultural and natural heritage. These are values that demonstrate and prove the achievements and interaction between humanity and the natural world, and the unique history. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) takes care of safeguarding, protection and promotion of these values since its beginnings in 1945. Latvia joined the organisation in 1991. Successful participation of our country in the UNESCO and well as implementation of UNESCO programmes is carried out by UNESCO LNC (Latvian National Commission).

UNESCO unites 193 nations; the organisation supports fields of education, social sciences, social, humanitarian and cultural sciences, as well as communication and information. The priority is Sustainable Development Goals; crucial responsibilities - to reduce poverty, ensure the availability and quality education for all, promote the principles of sustainable development and stand for peace and global security.

UNESCO has always supported justice, solidarity, tolerance, human rights and equality. Peace and sustainable development can be achieved with the help of education, science, culture and communication. This is the reason why education has to accessible and inclusive, the science has to react to changes in society and nature world, the potential of economic growth and social coherence through culture should be evident to everyone, whereas acquired experience and knowledge should be accumulated. It’s also essential to take care of safeguarding and preservation of the heritage, to respect principles of democracy, free access to information and protection of its’ diversity within the global structures of information.